Business Solutions

At Cells-U-More, we believe in the power of strong relationships. Like the relationships you've built with your customers and business partners. And of course, the relationship between you and your wireless provider. Yes, you'll find a variety of outstanding phones and flexible plans at Cells-U-More. But you'll find something else, too: a company that actually recognizes and rewards you for your loyalty. We've noticed that isn't how it usually works in a wireless relationship. But we think it should be. And we're doing something about it. If you ever have a question, we encourage you to see a store Sales Associate or Business Account Executive.

Dedicated Business Customer Service

Our focus on customer satisfaction ensures you get the answers you need while helping to boost your productivity. You'll enjoy the flexibility of getting help in our stores, calling our dedicated business customer service, or if you have more than 21 lines, having a convenient meeting at your office with a dedicated Business Account Executive. Our business-trained associates will do a complimentary needs analysis to make sure you have the phones and plans that help you achieve your business goals. They will also help your employees set up their new phones at your convenience.

Repairs and Insurance

what to do if your phone isn't working

Knowing how important phones are to your business, we'll get those in need of service up and running again as soon as possible.

  • Loaner phones are provided free of charge
  • For accounts with 1 - 20 lines, bring your phone to an authorized service center. A service technician will try to fix the phone onsite. If it can't be fixed onsite, we'll send it to the national service center
  • For accounts with 20+ lines, contact your Business Account Executive or visit an authorized service center for assistance

fees for phone repairs

  • If your phone malfunctions within the first 15 days of ownership, we'll provide you with a new one - at no charge
  • Phones that are covered by a manufacturer's warranty policy will be repaired at no charge (for repair labor and service parts)
  • Manufacturers may cover the cost of repairing a defective phone (parts and labor) that has been purchased within the last 12 months if it does not show evidence of customer damage (e.g., physical abuse, liquid damage, etc.). Refer to your owner's manual for specific warranty details

device insurance

Device insurance covers your U.S. Cellular® wireless phone or wireless modem in case of theft, loss, accidental damage or mechanical/electrical breakdown (after expiration of the manufacturer's warranty).

This is a smart option for on-the-go workers in the construction, transportation, health-care and public-service fields who operate in rugged environments.

Billing and Reporting

billtrackersm (available for accounts with 10+ lines)

BillTrackerSM is a service that consolidates all your employees' wireless expenses on an easy-to-use Web-based server. This flexible service allows you to:

  • Streamline the process for managing your company's monthly wireless expenses
  • View your monthly billing data by department name, cost-center number or individual user
  • Import your monthly billing data into your company's existing applications such as e-mail, Microsoft Excel®, Access® or Word® - or a comma-delimited format
  • Have six levels of minute bundles to fit your company's needs
  • Create management reports using seven predefined reports that you can customize with your specific search criteria

detailed billing (available for all calling plans)

Detailed billing is a convenient way to track your monthly wireless spending. For example, you can see the calls your business has made and the charges for each call. By tracking your wireless expenses, you can identify business needs and wireless usage for expense reporting each month. And you get the benefits of Detailed Billing at no charge.

check minutes (available for all calling plans)

To check the number of minutes you've used, just dial #BAL (#225) from your Wireless Phone.

Calls to #BAL are always free and you can call at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.

check payment information (available for all calling plans)

For payment questions, dial #PAY (#729) from your Wireless Phone. Calls to #PAY are always free. You can:

  • Find out the amount due on your account
  • Confirm the last payment received
  • Make a payment via credit card or checking account debit


Keep crews closely connected and projects on schedule and within budget, using:

  • Mobile-to-Mobile service
  • Voice turn-by-turn directions
  • Bluetooth® headsets
  • Free Incoming Calls


Plant managers can control wireless costs with pooled-minute plans while they keep in touch, using:

  • Mobile-to-Mobile service
  • E-mail
  • Bluetooth headsets

Professional Services

Lawyers and accountants can stay productive on the move with calendar and contact tools such as:

  • Internet access
  • Mobile Instant Messaging
  • Text and Picture Messaging
  • Voice turn-by-turn directions

Health Care

Doctors, nurses, technicians and other medical professionals can stay in touch and make their jobs easier with:

  • Voice and Text Messaging
  • Mobile Internet access
  • Bluetooth headsets


Store personnel can keep communication lines open with suppliers and customers, using:

  • E-mail
  • Text Messaging
  • Mobile Internet access


Financial professionals can keep pace with fast-changing market developments with advanced wireless products such as:

  • E-mail
  • Calendars they can manage
  • Mobile Internet access

Real Estate

Agents can stay in touch with clients, send property photos and locate addresses, using:

  • E-mail
  • Picture Messaging
  • Mobile Browser